Online Video Merge

( Last Updated MARCH 28, 2013 )

Totally Freeware Tool !!!

This tool is design to Merge Online Video Segments together without downloading the same video again.

Most of the Online Videos are in FLV & this is specially design for FLV container.

OVM main v0.9


  1. Win GUI with Multiple Files Drag & Drop Support
  2. Merge FLV segment files together with filtering data.
  3. Force Merge include (Files may Playable in MPC ).
  4. Specially Design for JW Flash Player Downloaded Videos.


  • Drag & Drop Files ,
  • First File Need have the Full Header Details ,
  • Order Files Correctly ,
  • And Ready to Merge.


  • above mentioned features are tested with Half Downloaded FLV Segments and may not work with other types.
  • This tool want modify any data in header file, only combining the next segment to it’s matching position for the previous file.

*Required : .NET Framework3.5 Installed.

  Totally Freeware Tool !!! 

  Download Link : Online Video Merge v0.9beta

Thanks ..



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