Video Container Changer – [ Lossless A:V:I Conversion ]

( Last Updated MARCH 15, 2013 , Current Stable is Version 1.1 )

Totally Freeware Tool !!!

This tool is a GUI fronted for FFmpeg.exe tool , and design only to Demux-Remux Stream for different Containers.

This tool can change the H264 video stream Level to 4.1 to play files in your compatible devices,
This tool uses Standalone FFmpeg tool for the conversion , so it’s  dependent on FFmpeg.exe tool .

Main Window


File Log

All Files SettingsQuick Right Menu


  1. Win GUI with Multiple Files Drag & Drop Support
  2. Change Video Container Format.
  3. Change H264 Stream Level to 4.1 or any.
  4. Limit File Size or Duration .
  5. Custom Choose “FFmpeg.exe” tool.
  6. User can use External Options for FFmpeg tool.

New Added Features

  1. Duration for All Files can be adjust from Start to End.
  2. Individual file setting option Added.
  3. Audio tracks can be disable if want.
  4. Copy All Video/Audio Streams Added. (If FFmpeg has issues ,this will automatically disable)


  • Improved DPI Scaling bitween 72DPI – 144DPI
  • Label Alignments & Display issues fixed .
  • And Many Bugs Fixed.


  • Drag & Drop Files ,
  • Setup “All File Settings” ,
  • Setup Individual “File Settings” (Double Click on the File Row or Right Click for More) ,
  • And Ready to Transcode.

*Note: above mentioned features are dependent on “FFmpeg.exe” and will be differ from FFmpeg Versions.

*Required : .NET Framework 2 or 4 Installed.

I Recommend to Use the Latest FFmpeg , but this will work with previous versions also.

  Totally Freeware Tool !!! 

  Download Link : Video Container Changer v1.1

  Go to Previous Version : Video Container Changer v1.0

Special Thanks :  FFmpeg is the core of this tool , so, the whole task  is depended on FFmpeg .

Thanks ..


  1. bmx

    Good app.
    Feature suggestion: in a separate window (like Mkvmerge Gui) or in other area add view all audio-video streams/metadata tags/chapters/images and other that source file contains, with all streams/tags enabled/copied by default, but if wanted user can disable individually before remux/transcode.
    Useful for strip unwanted metadata tags, remove some audio tracks (from video with many audio tracks), or remove chapters etc., probably ffmpeg support this.

  2. Joel

    Excellent program. Is there any chance you can allow the video files to be remuxed individually to different file names rather than merged.
    Eg If I’ve added file1.avi and files2.avi it gets remuxed to file1.mkv and file2.mkv. Would make this app incredibly useful for me.

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  7. LE ROY Georges

    Unfortunately I could not use this programme because of overlapping sub-windows (under Vista). In fact, the green subwindow at the bottom, with the “Transcode” button, does’not show ; it is overlapped by the purple output subwindow.
    Thanks for fixing this issue and best regards.

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